Where will curiosity take you?

Where will curiosity take you?

Where will curiosity take you?

Where will curiosity take you?

School of Robotics (ZLearnED) Singapore

Welcome to School of Robotics (ZLearnED) Singapore. We were established in 2013 with the sole purpose of bringing robotics for kids in Singapore, and making it accessible to anyone who is interested. We believe that there is more than one way in educating and guiding your children. Experienced instructors in our school customizes robotic classes to suit the learning speed and needs of each student. In our conducive teaching environment, rest assure that your child will be getting the most of each lesson. There will be zero sharing of equipment; each student will get their own set of equipment to provide the most efficient learning for your child.

Robotics for kids in Singapore is highly advantageous for your child as it helps to develop their motor skills and spatial awareness. We specialize in robotic classes in Singapore, which includes LEGO®WEDO and LEGO®Mindstorms, for kids aged between 4 -16 years old. School of Robotics (ZLearnED) Singapore has robotic classes separated into various levels (stage 1 to 4), for students at different level. We also conduct Direct School Admission (DSA) preparatory classes for primary 5 & 6 students.

At School of Robotics (ZLearnED) Singapore, students are given many opportunities to take part in multiple competitions eg. First LEGO® League (FLL), FLL Junior (FLLjr), National Robotics Competition (NRC) and World Robot Olympiad (WRO). Not only does competitions expose students to new experiences, but also teach them how to overcome challenges and work effectively under pressure.

Courses offer

A range of classes for you to choose from

Direct School Admission (DSA) Preparation Class

Train the students for admission into Secondary School via DSA scheme with our special design curriculums.

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Drop-off services

Simply drop off your kid(s) with us at an affordable rate while running an errand, attend a luncheon or attend appointments without your children. Call us to fix an appointment to prevent disappointment

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Coding Classes

Learn to design and develop a game of your own and play it with your family & friends.

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LEGO Robotics Classes

Build, Code & Innovate with the LEGO models. Many interesting and exciting models to choose from which you will be spoiled for choices. We offer Competition Class too.

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News & Events

Showcase the kids competency and performance in the annual competitions

Sep 2019

National Robotics Competition (NRC)

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Mar 2019

First LEGO League (FLL)

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Apr 2019

First LEGO League Junior (FLLJr)

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Parents Love Us

Hear what parents have to feedback to us.

My kids love it. Instructors are friendly and helpful. They are willing to customise according to my children’s needs.

- Mr John

Ken & JY

Put their screen time into good use which is educating and enjoyable.

- Mrs Lim


Found the skill-set which will be helpful to their future.

- Mrs Low

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