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  • To able to understand basic instruction
  • Years Old 4 & above
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  • Qualification test or completed stage 1
  • Years Old 7 & above
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  • Qualification test or completed stage 2B
  • Years Old 9 & above
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  • Qualification test or completed stage 3B
  • Years Old 10 & above

School of Robotics (ZLearnED) conducts various LEGO® robotic classes and LEGO® camps in Singapore all year round. In our LEGO® robotics class, your child will have the opportunity to explore all the wonders of the world. Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) concepts will be introduced to your child to create an understanding of the fundamental building blocks of our daily lives. Each student will have a customized lesson plan based on our step-by-step education framework. Your child will be in the good hands of our trained instructors to guide them through their build and projects. Each lesson revolves around a theme to allow students to learning the key principles behind it. Of course, your child will be given all the room they need to tinker and experiment with their imagination while implementing the techniques and building skills they acquired through the LEGO® robotics class.

LEGO Robotics Class in Singapore

LEGO® robotics in Singapore has the aim of encouraging independence and to spur creative thinking of your child. Your child will acquire various soft skills such as ability to analyse-dissect-solve intricate problems and improve their spatial awareness. By bringing different themes into each week’s lesson, we are able to help your child to broaden horizons and increase their general knowledge of physical laws and various natural phenomena. Working together in groups and giving every student the opportunity to present at the end of each lesson, we are able to develop their interpersonal and communication skills as well as to cultivate teamwork and leadership in them.

Our LEGO® robotics Singapore class is split in 4 different levels for students of various level. We start children under the age of 4 at our Freshmenlevel (Stage 1)LEGO® robotics class, with basic building. For children age 6 and above, we start them off at Sophomore Level (Stage 2A), with LEGO®WeDo 1.0; with mix of building with LEGO® and programming with WeDo 1.0. More advance students can start off at stage 2B, with LEGO®WeDo 2.0. This stage has more complex buildings and more functionality with regards to programming. Following, we have Junior Level (Stage 3A & 3B); where students get to learn more about Lego EV3 Mindstorms. This stage has a higher level of programming and more intricate building. At our final Sensior Level (Stage 4), students will be given the freedom to build without the aid of a blueprint, to tackle various challenges issued by our instructors. This will aid in their problem solving skills.

At School of Robotics (ZLearnED), we offer more than just LEGO® class in Singapore; we do offer LEGO® camps in Singapore as well. Please refer to our Holiday Classes for more information.

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